G.E. Woods

Welcome, Fellow HUMAN

Short Bio:

G.E. Woods (they/she) first ran into the arms of horror as a 5-year-old working in haunted houses. Queer, nonbinary, and invisibly disabled, they write in multiple genres and categories. Her short fiction is published in Your Body Is Not Your Body and Moonflowers and Nightshade, with poetry forthcoming from Strange Horizons. Beyond writing, they dance under full moons and talk to the trees near her home outside Chicago.

Longer Bio:

G.E. Woods (they/she) writes SFF/H short fiction and novels that normalize marginalized identities and explore the themes of trauma, memory, and making impossible choices for survival. She also writes poetry and is at work on a memoir in progress. G.E. was accepted for the inaugural Fearscapes Writers’ Workshop in 2021 and the Spring 2022 Futurescapes Writers’ Workshop.

In their early years, G.E. acted in haunted houses, pretended to live in the nearby woods, and snuck to the town library to camp out in the adult nonfiction section to read about evolution and vampires. Stemming from their deep love of the forest and prairies of their Midwestern youth, they later moved to Colorado to pursue a career in wilderness therapy, but it was not meant to be. While finishing her Bachelors in Psychology, an inherited disability worsened. After graduating, they returned to the deciduous forests and (flatter) trails of Illinois and worked in the child abuse prevention field.

And then she accidentally wrote a novel. With the first draft completed, they decided to figure out just how one goes about such things. Their current work-in-progress features lyrical prose, quirky humor, growing amounts of horror, and all their favorite fantasy creatures with subverted expectations.

IG: @gewoodswrites

Twitter: @gewoodswrites